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O U R   S E R V I C E S

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30min $40 | 45 min $50 | 60min $70 | 90min $100

A general relaxation massage that helps soothe aches and pains. You choose the areas to be worked on and the pressure used in each. Includes aromatherapy.



60 mins $90 | 90 mins $120

This massage uses smooth water-heated stones to increase blood flow and deeply relaxes your entire body creating a dreamlike state of awareness. The therapist massages with the stones in hand and may also temporarily place some on key areas to help unlock tighter muscles.


60 mins $80 | 90 mins $110

Experience the benefits of a hot stone massage on your most troublesome areas of tension, without committing to the full body option.



60 min $70 | 90 mins $100

Receiving regular massage may help ease the birthing process and shorten recovery time.  In the second trimester, we can use the "Prego Pillow" which allows mom-to-be to lay face down during part of the massage. We can also do a side lying position with pillows for support, in the later months.


60 min $160 | 90 min $220

Bettendorf Office

Both massages are in the same room at the same time with two therapists. Share a wonderful bonding experience. Spouse/partner, mom/daughter, sisters, friends or your special someone.  Includes aromatherapy.


Rock Island Office
60 min $140 | 90 min $200

You can still share a wonderful bonding experience with your special someone. You will be in separate rooms for your massage but after, you can rejoin your guest in our couples relaxation room. Bring in your favorite beverage/snack to enjoy for some catch up time (approx 20 minute add-on time, included)

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del Sole Barefoot Spa

Choose from 4 luxurious lower leg and foot treatments

Enter into an atmosphere of comfy seating and soft music. Sit back, relax and read, sip on a beverage, or just close your eyes and rest.


Take some time for yourself, or enjoy one-on-one time with a special someone. You may bring in snacks and a beverage.

All foot spa treatments start with a warm water foot soak which includes a dead sea salt blend and choice of aromatherapy.



-60 min maintenance $80. Includes face toning only, no hands or feet.
-90 min $110. Includes face toning, scalp, hands and feet.
-2 hour $170. One hour full body massage with 60 min face toning add-on.

A face toning massage, is a specialized myofascial release of the face, head, and neck musculature. Face toning utilizes hot and cold rocks to improve the tone and elasticity of the facial and neck muscles;providing lift and a younger looking face. *Please note - this is not a facial.

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