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FACASSAGE, A face toning massage, is a specialized myofascial release of the face, head, and neck musculature. Face toning utilizes hot and cold rocks to improve the tone and elasticity of the facial and neck muscles; providing lift and a younger looking face.

**Disclaimer-Facassage is not a facial. Massage therapists are trained in the manipulation of muscle and fascia, not in diagnosing and treating skin disorders. Facassage utilizes the techniques and methods of massage therapy focused on the face, neck, and shoulder musculature, not the product used. The product used on the face is massage therapy oil  specifically for the face. A massage therapist cannot treat disorders of the skin. It is the manipulation of the fascia and muscles that produce results, not the products.


Clients will see and experience:

-Relaxation, not only a general relaxation but also a localized relaxation of face musculature, neck and shoulders.

-A myofascial release of face musculature. Many clients who have experienced Facassage have had visibly reduced lines and wrinkles, even after the first session.

-Toning of face and neck musculature resulting in tighter, firmer skin around the face and neck.

-Strengthening of neck and face muscles to maintain tone and elasticity of skin and muscles.

-Increased blood flow to face and neck resulting in skin's radiant glow.

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