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There are 2 ways to receive chair massage at your place of business or event.


-Employer paid chair massage works like this: the company pays $70 per hour per therapist for the massages and depending on how many employees participate, how long each massage will be and how much time is available determines the cost.

For example:

If there are 10 employees, and each gets a 12 minute massage, you would have to schedule 2.5 hours for the therapist. $175


-With employee paid massage, each employee signs up for a time slot and pays:

12 min - $15

24 min - $27

36 min - $39

 A sign up sheet would be provided in advance to allow time to fill all or most of the time slots.The length of time the therapist is there would be predetermined depending on employee interest and to minimize unnecessary downtime for the therapist.

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