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Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. This allows you time to fill out your health intake, use the restroom (if needed) and start the the relaxation process. Your therapist will then go over your intake and discuss any particular areas you need worked on, desired pressure, etc. 


Your massage will take place in a quiet treatment room on a comfy, heated table with soft instrumental music. You may also bring music of your choosing. The therapist will step out as you get undressed to your level of comfort and slip between soft sheets.

Every therapist has a different technique and style of doing massage, please be sure to let your therapist know if, for example, you have sensitive feet, or do not like your face or scalp touched. You will remain covered except for the areas being worked on. Each area is covered back up before moving on . Your modesty is respected at all times.


If you like to chat, that's perfectly fine, however, if you prefer to relax in silence, please feel free to do so. If at anytime during the massage, you feel uncomfortable, too warm or cold, or the pressure isn't right, please let your therapist know so we can give you the best possible massage experience. Once your treatment is over, the therapist will step out while you get dressed, then walk you back to the reception area.

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