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Opened in 1999, Two Rivers Massage was named for the two vibrant rivers which flow directly through the Quad Cities. The mighty Mississippi and the Rock River. Water represents the emotions, water cleanses, water flows, is constantly moving, and always changing. Water nourishes and maintains life. We here in the Quad Cities are blessed to live so close to these wonderful rivers. Pam Fisher, the original owner, chose the name of Two Rivers Massage to honor these riverways which not only make our cities beautiful, but also provide entertainment to so many. 

Meet Jen Harper

Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner

People often ask me "Why massage?  What made you choose massage therapy? My first thought is always, "I don't know". I feel like it kind of chose me. I had always enjoyed working with my hands; manual labor, crafting, home improvement projects, gardening, etc. Making things look better. I guess that just progressed to making people feel better.


I graduated from Black Hawk College's Massage Therapy & Bodywork Program and have been a licensed massage therapist in Illinois since 2007. I began my career at Two Rivers Massage and worked here for 2 years before moving on to my own space with another therapist. I then moved on to work at a chiropractors office and another spa until eventually landing back here at Two Rivers to purchase in the spring of 2016.


In addition to my years of experience as a massage therapist, I am also a member of Friends of Off-Road Cycling (FORC) and enjoy riding as time allows. I also try to keep fit with yoga, workouts, and general wellness.

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